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Osteoallograft® Periomix®

from $86.00

Osteoallograft® Periomix®is natural, real bone graft designed specifically for veterinary dentistry. It consists of osteoinductive Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) and osteoconductive cancellous bone chips. The demineralization of graft allows for...

Synergy™ - Pure Synthetic Bone Graft

from $215.00

Synergy™ is CONFIDENCE backed by years of proven successful use in human medicine. Synergy™ is an advanced biosynthetic bone graft comprised of calcium phosphates that occur naturally in real bone....

Fascia Membrane, Freeze-Dried

from $244.50

Membranes are flexible grafts that have a variety of applications. They are available in different forms: Ossiflex™ (flexible bone membranes) and Fascia (fascia lata grafts). Each has different handling characteristics,...

Fusion Xpress™ - Injectable Bone Putty

from $93.00

Fusion Xpress™ injectable bone putty is a combination of demineralized bone (DBM) with mineralized cancellous chips and biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP) in a resorbable carrier. The BCP consists of beta-tricalcium...

Fortigen™ - Augmented Bone Graft

from $255.00

FORTIGEN-P is real bone allograft (Orthomix®), with a proprietary surface modification that delivers enhanced osteoinductivity, robust healing, and a powerful and effective alternative to BMP-2. It has been developed and...

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