Synergy™ - Pure Synthetic Bone Graft

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Synergy™ is CONFIDENCE backed by years of proven successful use in human medicine. Synergy™ is an advanced biosynthetic bone graft comprised of calcium phosphates that occur naturally in real bone. It is a biphasic combination of β-Tricalcium Phosphate (β -TCP) and Hydroxyapatite (HA).
Effective Bone Graft Substitute Perfect for dental applications. Ideal auto or allograft extender.
Radiodense Clearly evident on radiographic images, allowing visualization of bone graft placement.
Affordable The price conscious solution for periodontal or orthopedic bone void filling.

How It Works
These intelligent bioactive materials have the proven ability to stimulate bone formation. The β -TCP quickly releases calcium ions that cause clotting and release of platelet-derived growth factors. This cascade of mineral release and blood clotting provides the perfect environment for stimulation of bone healing. The cancellous-like porosity and surface structure encourage inward cell migration. As the β -TCP resorbs more space is created to support angiogenesis and bone formation. The micro particles of HA provide a more long lasting osteoconductive structure.

Dose Sizes
Mini-vials 4 cc
(8 x 0.5 cc doses)
Pro-vials 15 cc
(3 x 5 cc doses)
 Peel Pack Vials 5 cc
(5 x 1 cc doses)
Dental Dental Orthopedic

Filling, bridging and/or reconstruction of non weight-bearing bony defects.
Dental Ortho
✔ Void filling / Extraction sites ✔ Use as an auto or allograft extender
✔ Periodontal pockets / Other bone loss ✔ Void filling / Osteotomy sites
✔ Fracture repair ✔ Filling & reconstruction of metaphyseal bone defects
✔ Cysts / Other osseous defects ✔ Arthrodesis

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