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iM3 CR 7 Protective Sheaths

from $74.50

Size 0:  Protective sheaths for the image plate format 2 x 3 cm. Supplied in pack of 100 pcs.  Size 1: Protective sheaths for the image plate format 2 x...

iM3 Winged Elevators (1-6mm)


iM3 winged elevators combine the winged shape and thin sharp cutting edge to aid in extractions. The stubby handle sits comfortably in the users palm while the fore finger sits...

iM3 CR-7 Image Plates

from $335.50

The CR7 Vet has the largest range of high resolution image plates including sizes 0,1,2,3,4,5 & specially shaped intra oral plates for rabbits!With DR systems you are often limited to size 2...

iM3 Root Fragment Forceps


Spring loaded root fragment forceps are ideal for extracting mobile broken root fragments and small, delicate teeth. The grooved and serrated jaws assist with grasping fragments. 5 1/2”/ 138mm.

iM3 Lip Retractor


The lip retractor is designed to hold the lip out of the way providing better accesses to the oral cavity during dentistry. The tip of the instrument is plastic coated...

iM3 Luxator Set, 5 piece


iM3 5pc luxators set includes sizes 1 - 5 mm and feature a stubby handle for ease of use, the luxators are very fine and very sharp. The 5 sizes...

iM3 Curved Deciduous Elevator


The curved deciduous elevators are ideal for the removal of retained canines (milk teeth) in small dogs. The sharp elevator end cuts the PDL whilst the curve of the elevator...

iM3 42-12 Scaler Tip Inserts

from $457.50

U - Universal scaling tip is designed for supra and sub-gingival scaling. Made from titanium and complete with ferrite rod the tip only fits the iM3 42-12 Ultrasonic scaler. Autoclavable.  P...

X-Long "60mm" Diamond "HP" Bur


The extra long (60mm) HP diamond bur is used for the reduction of rabbit & rodent molar teeth. The diamond bur causes less trauma and produces less heat than traditional...

iM3 Luxating Type Elevator - Stubby Handle


iM3 luxators are very fine and sharp. The 5 sizes make them ideal for both canine and feline teeth. They are used and recommended by dental specialist’s for cutting the...

iM3 FG Diamond Assorted Bur set - 5 pc


The 5 pc high quality diamond bur set is suitable for high speed handpieces. The medium grit diamond burs are ideal for crown preparation, reshaping, occlusal reduction, access preparation, smoothing...

iM3 Winged Elevator Set - Stubby Handles


The iM3 set of 6 winged elevators come in a stubby, bulbous handle, designed to fit comfortably in the users hand. Apx. 120mm in length, these winged elevators will best...

iM3 Cheek Dilator Long Reach Curved

from $46.25

The long reach curved cheek dilator is ideal when using long diamond burs to reduce molar teeth. The radius of the paddle provides better access and viewing as it pushes...

iM3 Molt 2/4 Periosteal Elevator


The periosteal elevator is used to lift a muco-periosteal flap off the bone when performing surgical extractions. The fine round, dished double-ended 2/4 (4mm/6mm) periosteal elevator is suitable for cats...

iM3 iPush Yellow


Designed and Manufactured by iM3. The iPush tool makes inserting and removing burs from push button handpiece a breeze. Not ensuring that your burs are seated completely in your handpiece can...

iM3 Extraction Forceps


The small size and spring in the handle helps prevent excessive force and the risk of breaking the tooth. Overall Length 125mm (5”). * Please note that the jaws do...

iM3 X-Ray Bisecting Angle Guide & Instructions


iM3 adjustable bisecting angle guide complete with instructions.

iM3 Table Top Mouth Gag (Rodent/Rabbit)


The adjustable Table Top Mouth Gag was designed by iM3 with the help of specialists to hold an anaesthetised rabbit or rodent in the best possible position for examination and...

iM3 Root Tip Extraction Forceps


Spring loaded root tip extractions forceps have grooved tips with fine curved ends ideal for root extraction or as an alternative to regular extraction forceps (D1012) as the small jaws...

iM3 Piezo P4, P6, and P6 LED Tips


BS-1 is a pointed universal piezo tip that is best for general deposit removal in all quadrants. Made from stainless steel and suitable for P4 & P6 piezo ultrasonic scalers.BS-2...

iM3 Extraction Forceps, Fine


These fine extraction forceps are designed to grasp small teeth. The spring action allows their use without excessive force being applied to the tooth crown. The jaws meet at the...

iM3 Minnesota Retractor


The iM3 University of Minnesota Retractor is used to lift and protect both tissue and the user when performing surgical extractions, especially whilst operating the high speed drill. It can...

iM3 Cheek Dilators

from $31.00

D1035 - Suitable for very small mammals such as chinchillas.  D1030 - Suitable for smaller mammals such as chinchillas, guinea pigs & small rabbits enhancing inspection of the oral cavity. ...

iM3 Canine & Feline Jaw Model Set


Feline and Canine set includes both the Feline and Canine clear models and the plastic educational cards.

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