X Spec™ Equine Speculum

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The X Spec™ Equine Speculum is the next generation equine speculum. It is an enhanced version of the original AlumiSpec™ that is well known and trusted throughout the veterinary industry.

The light weight design (5.5 lbs) includes an increase in width to provide more space between the cheek and speculum so that radiography plates are more easily placed in a variety of positions.

The X Spec™ Equine Speculum is made with aircraft grade aluminum, CNC milled precision parts, and is TIG welded with a durable powder coated finish. The replaceable synthetic straps in the "cinch-lock" locking system allows for easy access to the oral cavity.

The X Spec™ Equine Speculum can be used on horses of all sizes, and is recommended for use with sedated animals for the safety of the handler and the horse.

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