Write-Boards™ Cage Tags

SKU: MAI-92700WH
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Size (Inches): 3x3
Colour: WH
Sale price$13.75


Available in multiple colours and sizes, Write-Boards provide an effective method of communication between staff related to patient requirements. Using Write-Boards™ allows you to create individualized messages for others to follow. Write-Boards™ clip to a cage, kennel, run, etc. and provide high visibility. They are reusable and may be used in various ways to remind staff of details including supplies needed, clinic needs, equipment maintenance and ultimately for the promotion of high quality patient care.

  • Variety pack available (MAI-92700VWB) in 3" x 3" - 2 white, 2 yellow, 1 green, 1 red
  • 6" x 6" tags come in pack of 3
  • Simple, cost effective method of communication
  • Multitude of office and clinic uses in addition to patient care
  • Reusable and visible
  • Inventory control management aid
  • permanent black marker wipes off with alcohol
  • Dry erase marker wipes off easily
  • May be clipped together vertically for multiple directions/instructions

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