Vetcorder™ Pro + Vetcorder™ AirMate™ Capnograph

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Purchased together in our “combo” package option the Vetcorder™ Pro and Vetcorder Airmate™ can often replace outdated bulky monitoring systems. In the palm of your hand, the multi parameter monitoring can be used from admission to discharge. ECG, SpO2, EtCO2, Internal Temperature – all covered between two hand-held devices that fit in your pocket.

Studies have validated that capnography is more effective than pulse oximetry in detecting early signs of respiratory complication.

Clinical judgement is the most important component of interoperative monitoring. Any instrumentation used for intraoperative monitoring should always be in addition to the clinical judgement of competent veterinarians and veterinary anesthesia nurses. Typical standards are monitoring for oxygen saturation by pulse oximeter. This monitor measures blood hemoglobin O2 saturation. In patients receiving supplemental O2 this parameter drops only when the patient’s circulation / ventilation is jeopardized. Many veterinary anesthesiologists believe in raising this standard to include monitoring for the presence of exhaled carbon dioxide using a capnograph. A capnograph like the Vetcorder AirMate can provide an extra level of patient safety by monitoring the adequacy of ventilation.

Every Airmate Capnograph comes with our WORLD CLASS SERVICE AND SUPPORT CENTER!

The warranty on the Vetcorder and AirMate is 12 months against manufacture defects. All of the accessories are considered disposable except the Charging Cable and cube which are six months.

Touch Screen Interface: The touch screen interface is easy to navigate and consumes very little battery life. All your essentials are available from the home screen, seen here to the right.
Monitor Vitals: Continuous monitoring of ECG, SpO2 and Heart Rate. An audible "beep" can be heard whenever a heart rate is detected. Over 12 hours of battery life means you can monitor several patients from intake through recovery before recharging.
Tablet Monitor: While using Monitor Vitals, you can connect to a tablet with the Vetcorder Tablet Monitor app to view a larger screen. The tablet application allows you to record and take screenshots for review later.
Daily Check: A 20-second recording of ECG and SpO2 saved under a pet file that includes name, weight, and age. Send the Vetcorder home, then review the data when your client comes back to the hospital.
Temperature: An on-board temperature sensor allows you to take quick readings at a moment's notice. Simply select the "temperature" feature, hold the sensor to the pet's ear, push the button and wait a few seconds for the reading to complete.
Bluetooth Data Transfer: All recorded data can be transferred to our mobile application via Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Once connected, you can download the data and view measurements from Daily Checks as a daily, weekly or monthly trend.

The Vetcorder AirmMate is a portable capnograph that allows the veterinary team to monitor their patients continuously from induction through recovery. The Vetcorder's size allows for ease of use in the dental suite, the recovery cage, and other areas that are under monitored in many practices.

The Vetcorder Airmate uses standard tubing, has an auto screen rotation, and includes 6 filters. Can be used in surgery, dentistry, emergency care, intensive care, procedure sedation, large animal, transport, and field services.

Specifications are 3" Wide x 5.6" Long x 1.5" Thick, and it weighs less than 500g

ButtonHas one button to start the measurements.
Continuous BatteryContinuous battery working for over 12 hours.
SizeFits in the palm of your hand or in your pocket. Weights just less than 500g.
ScreenThe screen is anti-glare with a high-resolution colour touchscreen. Utilizes auto screen roation.
AlarmHas a built-in alarm feature.
Luer LineUtilizes standard Luer line and has standard tubing.
FiltersComes equipped with 6 filters.

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