Rx Honing Machine, Periodontal Set

SKU: MAI-76720
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Voltage: 100V
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The Periodontal/General Dentistry Sharpening Set is used for sharpening all hygiene instruments, dental instruments, periodontal knives, and dental scissors. 

Please note the 100V is for use in North America, 220V is for use in Australia.

2 year limited warranty against manufacturer defects.

The contents of the kit are as follows:
  • 1 MAC-10700 Rx System II Machine. This machine is the core of the set and powers the sharpening stones.
  • 1 INS-14102 27 min. Sharpening Instructional DVD. This DVD covers the instructions for sharpening all of the instruments in the Perio/General Dentist's office.
  • 1 INS-11101 Instructional Manual. This Instructional Manual is a step by step guide for sharpening all of the instruments in the Perio/General Dentist's Office.
  • 1 VIT-04300 #1 Hone (Red Vitrified). This Vitrified 1/4" flat surfaced stone is used for small chisels and hatchets. The edges of the stone can be used for the grooved teeth of surgical rasps.
  • 1 VIT-04401 #2 Hone (Red Vitrified). This Vitrified 1/4" diameter round stone is used to sharpen spoons, excavators, and explorers. The stone has a snap in design so that it can be rotated in the holder for longer life.
  • 1 CER-08100 #3 Hone (White Ceramic). This 1/2" 30 degree slope diamond shaped ceramic hone is designed specifically to fit the grooves of small files, saws, and serrations.
  • 1 CER-08200 #4 Hone (White Ceramic). This 1/8" grooved ceramic hone is designed to sharpen small spoons and to round the tips of hygiene curettes.
  • 1 DIA-03001 400 grit Diamond Disk. This 2" honing disk is used for applying a new edge to dull instruments and for reshaping damaged or custom instruments.
  • 1 RSC-10311 Black RSC (hard) Disk. This 2" carbide rubber honing disk is the tool necessary for maintaining a sharp edge on instruments. It's less aggressive grit allows the operator to take an instrument that is not dull but could use sharpening and return it to the sharpness that the diamond disk provides while removing less metal from the instrument.
  • 2 ACC-10301 Leather Disks. These 2" honing disks when used with the Rx Hi-Finish can take a Periodontal knife and put a razors edge on it.
  • 1 ACC-16090 DPS Guide. This dual-purpose guide provides the correct angles for sharpening curettes, scalers, and scissors.
  • 1 ACC-05600 0.5 oz Rx Hone Cleaner. This gel removes metal from the honing stones, honing ceramics, and from the black RSC disk in seconds.
  • 1 ACC-06600 0.5 oz Rx Hi-Finish. This buffing compound is applied to the leather disks to produce razor sharp edges and high lustres.
  • 1 Test Stick. After sharpening use this test stick to determine if the edge is sharp enough.
  • 1 ACC-02500 Disk Removal Tool. This tool provides an easy and effective way to remove the honing disks from the spindles of the machine.
  • 1 ACC-02800 Hone Box. This box is specially built to hold and preserve all of the parts that attach to the honing machine.


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