Osteoallograft® Periomix®

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Type: feline
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Osteoallograft® Periomix®is natural, real bone graft designed specifically for veterinary dentistry. It consists of osteoinductive Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) and osteoconductive cancellous bone chips. The demineralization of graft allows for immediate access to the growth factors (BMPs) inherent in allograft bone when it is placed into the surgery site. This results in an early beginning of the healing process and helps to make allograft as effective as autograft.

Using bone allograft in periodontics allows you to:
  • Restore periodontium to save teeth instead of extracting them.
  • Effectively restore bone in extraction sites and in periodontal pockets to support good oral and systemic health and to prevent fracture of the mandible.
  • Achieve faster and stronger bone healing compared with using bone substitutes, because it provides both an osteoconductive scaffold and also osteoinductive growth factors (BMPs).1-5 No other bone graft substitute available on the market provides BOTH critical factors for speedy bone healing.

Feline 0.2cc
Canine 0.3cc, 0.5cc, 3.0cc
Equine 6.0cc

✔ Tooth extractions
✔ Furcation defects
✔ Horizontal and vertical bone loss
✔ Fracture of the mandible
✔ Any other void filling or bone augmentation procedure that requires grafting

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