Olympic Clean-Catch (Urine Collection)

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The Olympic Clean-Catch is a faster and easier way to collect clean urine samples. The Clean-Catch has a 32" long handle, perfect for small and large dogs. In addition, it has a non-slip handle and a corrosion resistant handle. Also, the Clean-Catch is equipped with disposable cups, which are available in a pack of 120.

Easy to Use & Saves Time: The Clean-Catch makes urine collection faster and easier all while getting clean specimens. With males, it is easy to position the Clean-Catch to collect clean mid-stream specimens. With females, the narrow, low profile cup slips easily under even small dogs.

Dog-friendly: Some dogs get nervous and won't urinate when you are standing too close to them or will stop urinating when you place a cup under them. But the Clean-Catch is dog-friendly since it keeps you at a distance. Therefore, the dog is more likely to urinate, and it won't spook the dog when you put it under him or her.

No More Bending Down: When you use the Clean-Catch, you don't have to bend over or stoop down, which is easy on your back. The long handle and flat cup give you visibility, so you get a good specimen every time. The Clean-Catch is sanitary and makes urine collecting less messy.

Disposable Cups: Because the disposable cups are clean, there is no danger of cross-contamination, which assures better lab results and saves time. Also, the holder prevents the cups from touching the ground. The cups have a handy pouring spout and are made of enviro-friendly plastic.

Always Ready for Use: With these inexpensive disposable cups, no time is wasted washing cups or ladles. And since no washing is required, the Clean-Catch collector is always ready for the next patient.

The Clean-Catch saves you time and money in three ways - you can collect specimens faster, it eliminates washing, and it is always ready for immediate re-use.


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