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LikShield™ is a wound management product designed to prevent post-surgical wound licking by pets that in many cases can prolong the healing process and lead to infection. 

LikShield™ with its FDA-approved adhesive, can be applied directly to the skin around an incision or over a bandaged area. LikShield™ is available in a resizable 9" x 6" patch for wide-area covered. LikShield™ provides a safe, mild electric stimulus to the pet's tongue when licked to deter the pet from licking.

The tingling sensation and unpleasant taste prevent pets from licking, allowing their wound to heal. 

LikShield™ can be safely used for:

  • Surgical Incisions
  • Wound Management
  • Splints and casted areas
  • Urinary catheters 
  • Seton drains
  • IVs

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