iM3 Silent Hurricane Compressor

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iM3 Silent Hurricane Compressor comes mounted on a stainless steel mobile stand with large diameter hospital grade casters making moving the unit a breeze. Its oil free technology eliminates the risk of oil contaminants entering the machine's air supply. It also greatly reduces the maintenance regime.

The oil free motor generates less heat and is therefore more reliable than conventional oil compressors.The covered compressor makes cleaning easy, iM3's unique technology means the compressor air is cooled on the way to the dental machine. The side of the compressor is left open to allow adequate ventilation, no continuous running fans are required.

The large tank (7 gallons) allows it to work less which increases its life span, and runs at only 54 decibels (about as loud as a normal conversation).

Foot Print: H24” x L21” x W21”
Power: 1 HP
Noise: 54 Decibels
Warranty: 5 years

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