iM3 Rabbit soft tissue Protector & Diamond Bur kit

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The iM3 D2245 soft tissue kit is an ideal set of instruments for reducing and levelling molar and incisor teeth in rabbits and rodents. The kit includes one of each of the following:

  • IM-D2235 - extra long (60mm) HP diamond bur used for the reduction of rabbit & rodent molar teeth
  • IM-D2230 - soft tissue protector guards the tongue and cheeks by exposing only the bottom cutting surface of the D2235 diamond bur when used on cheek teeth
  • IM-D2200 - diamond cutting disc, useful for trimming incisors in rabbits and rodents
  • IM-D2220 - safety shield protects surrounding soft tissue when using a diamond cutting disc such as D2200

The above are designed to fit and be used with 1:1 HP straight nose cones, such as the IM-L6860.

Autoclave temperature: 135°C/275°F

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