HP H79E Round-End Taper E-Cutter Carbide Bur

SKU: BR-H79E.11.040
Buying Group Codes:
AVP: Not Coded
CDMV: Not Coded
VP: Not Coded
WDDC: Not Coded

Sale price$45.25


Qty Per Pkg: 1
Head Size (1/10mm) 040

Cutting Length:  13.0mm
Shank Size:  44.5 mm

Shank Type:  11-Straight Handpiece

A narrow, round-end tapered E-cutter carbide bur with staggered toothing.

Popular for leveling molar teeth in rabbits & rodents. Does not fit iM3 D2230 tissue protector. Care is needed around soft tissue.

This is the same bur as D9550 from iM3.

Intended for use in 1:1 straight doriot/u-type dental slow speed handpieces and nose cones.

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