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The quality of the handpieces and iM3´s unique features ensures the elite dental machine is regarded as the number one in the industry.

The iM3 Elite comes with:
  • Autoclavable / sterile Suction
  • 3 way syringe (air, water and mist)
  • low speed handpiece for polishing
  • High speed LED handpiece with swivel – providing excellent ergonomics.

The elite dental system features advanced LED light in the high speed handpiece, automatic handpiece activators and the only fully autoclavable and sterile air driven dental suction in the industry.

LED Advantage high speed 360 degree swivel handpiece allows greater control of the handpiece and reduces hand fatigue. The built in magnetic bur holder prevents burs from falling on the ground. The burs are held in place right where you need them! The two bottle water system with auto pressure release allows the user to choose between CLS (iM3’s Chlorhexidine based solution) and water depending on the procedure and the handpiece being used. All iM3 machines are fitted with a low speed motor and swivel 4:1 straight nose cone (SNC) for polishing. An array of low speed attachments for rabbit dentistry, orthopaedics and restorative dentistry are also available.

The elite, with its built in IEC powerboard and coolant outlet, allows for the easy integration of an ultrasonic scaler. The iM3 42-12 ultrasonic scaler or any brand of scaler can be connected to the water and power supply of an iM3 dental machine. The dental machine is self-contained and only one power cord is required to power the machine and ultrasonic scaler.

The dental machine chassis is made from aluminium with hospital grade powder coating. The machine control box and components are covered by a full 5 year warranty.

U3500 - Elite LED with "Silent" Compressor, mobile height adjustable floor stand & iM3 handpieces, LED HS with swivel, LS Motor & 4:1 Straight Nose Cone and autoclavable / sterile suction.

U3500SW - Includes the U3500 in addition the Low speed motor and Contra-Angle HP LED both have internal water.

NEW SW (Slow Speed Water) Range includes internal water on the low speed handpiece in addition to the standard features found on the Elite LED. The SW machine is supplied with a low speed motor (with forward and reverse) and 1:1 LED contra angle handpiece both with water. Recommended by some European specialists for removing bone. The SW machine also includes the 4:1 straight nose cone for polishing (L6250).

U3420 – Elite LED with mobile S/S floor stand & iM3 handpieces, LED HS with swivel, LS Motor & 4:1 Straight Nose Cone and autoclavable / sterile suction (no silent compressor supplied)

U3410 - Elite LED with long reach wall arm & iM3 handpieces, LED HS with swivel, LS Motor & 4:1 Straight Nose Cone and autoclavable / sterile suction (no silent compressor supplied)

The elite can be supplied with a height adjustable (50cm), long reach (150cm), pneumatic wall arm. The arm allows the machine to be stored against the wall and extended to the end of the wet table for use.

The airline and electricity for the dental machine are contained in the arm, removing unnecessary cables from the ground.

iM3 products have been manufactured with great care by highly qualified technicians using a wide variety of tests and controls designed to ensure faultless operation.

To maintain a high standard of quality control every dental system sold by iM3 is thoroughly tested and operated complete with the handpieces and coolant before it is packaged for delivery.

The quality of workmanship and unique design features used to build every iM3 are so good that our range of dental machines now carry a warranty which is setting new standards within the veterinary dental industry. Up to 5 years for our range of air driven dental machines including the GS, GS Deluxe, Elite and Pro 2000 systems.

At iM3, our reputation and passion is your guarantee of advanced technology, unique features and quality workmanship. We design them, we build them, we service them and we love them. We know your iM3 workstation inside and out.

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