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Size 4 DR Sensor – 20 lp/mm – Wide Dynamic Range

iM3 DR Sensor Y – Size 4 DR!

The iM3 DR Sensor Y represents a significant leap in size for veterinary dentistry when compared to its predecessors, now matching the dimensions of a size 4 CR plate at 53.8 x 77.1 x 6.5 mm. This enlargement allows for a broader and more comprehensive area of imaging, capturing detailed dental structures with greater precision.

The increased size enhances its versatility, accommodating a wider range of animal patients and facilitating efficient diagnoses. This is what veterinary dentists have dreamed of and now iM3 is bringing it to the market.

High Resolution - 20 lp/mm!

iM3 DR Sensor Y makes use of a Csl scintillator as opposed to the more common Gadox-based sensors, resulting in far higher resolution and less noise.

With an impressive resolution of 20 lp/mm (line pairs per millimeter), it outperforms the typical 12 lp/mm resolution found in conventional sensors. This heightened level of detail and clarity in the captured images allows for more accurate and comprehensive evaluations of dental pathology.

Wide Dynamic Range!

The iM3 DR Sensor Y has built-in WDR (or Wide Dynamic Range). The wider the dynamic range, the better the sensor can read at both high and low doses of x-ray exposure. As a result, the iM3 DR Sensor Y is very forgiving and can produce clear, sharp images in more conditions than the competition.

The Perfect Addition!

Compatible with Vet Exam Pro, iM3 DR Sensor Y is a perfect addition to users of iM3 CR 7 or CR 8, or iM3 DR Sensor X (our size 2 DR sensor).

However, the iM3 DR Sensor Y is packaged with TWAIN drivers as opposed to its own software suite. This flexibility allows veterinary professionals to utilize their preferred imaging software, providing them with greater control and customization options for their dental radiography workflow. By being compatible with a wide range of TWAIN-supported programs, the DR sensor ensures a smooth and efficient integration process, eliminating the need for additional software installations and simplifying the overall imaging setup. Veterinarians can confidently embrace this adaptable solution, enhancing their diagnostic capabilities while maintaining the convenience of their chosen dental X-ray imaging software.

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