iM3 Dental X-Ray Mat

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AVP: Not Coded
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VP: Not Coded
WDDC: Not Coded

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A 40 cm x 40 cm mat for use under the patient's head 

  • Low lead type, made up of a layer of lead and a layer of antimony
  • 0.5 mm thickness is equivalent to the protection given by 0.5 mm of lead
  • 0.50 mm LE (Lead Equivalence), Bilayer attenuate approx. 99.5% of radiation at 60-70kvp
  • Lighter and easier to look after than true lead mats
  • Absorbs radiation, reducing scatter during dental X-ray when not using lead lined tables
  • Safer for the patient and practitioner
  • Sealed and waterproof, making it easy to disinfect
  • Reducing scatter in X-ray images also improves contrast

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