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Offering pioneering AI functions, easier workflow, simultaneous scanning, standalone mode and much more!

Since 2009 the CR 7 VET has been changing the way veterinarians take dental x-rays around the world. Now we're excited to launch it’s successor, the iM3 CR 7 2.0 VET.

The iM3 CR 7 2.0 VET provides unsurpassed high-resolution dental images, fast processing time, user friendly software and the largest range of reusable flexible plate sizes for dental and small animal extremity applications.

Discover underlying pathology, increase workflow efficiency with wider clinical application only achievable with iM3’s large format size 5 high resolution dental image plates.

The size 5 image plate is unique to the iM3 CR 7 2.0 VET and CR 8 VET and when combined with iM3’s X –ray source and newly developed iM3 Positioning kit (Patent pending) it’s now possible to scan a full mouth of a medium to large dog in as little as six X-rays. This is a huge step forward in Veterinary dentistry, as current DR and CR systems can take twice as long to achieve a full mouth, often 12 to 24 X-Rays are required due to the smaller image plate / sensor sizes.

Best practice is to take full mouth X-rays for all animals having a “dental”. Taking 24 or even 12 X-rays in a busy hospital is not practical or achievable. The iM3 CR 7 2.0 VET coupled with the size 5 image plate and iM3 positioning kit is the solution. Veterinarians and Nurses are now capable of taking full mouth X-rays on every animal with little training. Using the positioning Kit and large size 5 image plate means you are unlikely to miss and therefore don’t have to retake images resulting in less radiation exposure to the patients and shorter anesthesia times.

In addition the CR 7 2.0 also offers improved plate feeding. New size specific feeders make plate feeding faster and easier.

The CR 7 2.0 uses the newer white IPX image plates. These new plates are sturdier and feature an RFID chip that allows the CR 7 2.0 to recognize the size of plate used. Our Vet Exam Pro software is uniquely able to identify when a plate is exposed on the wrong side and warns the user. Providing peace of mind that human error won't lead to reversed images.

The RFID chips also opens the door to a new accessory, the Smart Reader VET. This optional extra is perfect for veterinary hospitals and busy practices with multiple dental stations in use at the same time. The idea is to have two or more workstations each with their own Smart Reader VET and a single CR 7 2.0. Users at separate workstations can then use their Smart Reader to assign image plates to a specific patient, when those plates are scanned the system assigns the radiograph to the correct patient. A game changer in terms of workflow.

iM3 CR 7 2.0 VET. The benchmark in digital X-Ray imaging for veterinary dentistry

  • Improved image plate feeding technique reducing operator errors and improving workflow.
  • Unsurpassed highest resolution 40 LP/mm theoretical, with 25 LP/mm true resolution. Which is up to double the TRUE resolution of other CR & DR Systems.
  • Fast processing times, less than 8 sec for a size 2 plate (at standard resolution).
  • Only system able to Scan full mouth X-Rays of a medium to large dog in only six X-Rays (achieved with the size 5 plate).
  • Largest range of flexible plate sizes from 0 (22 x 35 mm) to 5 (57 x 94 mm).
  • Specially designed rabbit image plates available.
  • Flexible thin plates allow for easy positioning in the animal’s mouth.
  • Unique design protects unit and radiographs from dust, hair, and particles that can reduce image quality.
  • Swappable Plate Feeders mean the CR 7 2.0 accepts all IPX plate sizes from 0 - 5, including R3 Rabbit Plates.
  • Vet dental specific software.
  • Can be networked across 10 PCs in the practice.
  • Incredibly compact at 249 x 211 x 258 mm. Only 5 kg.
  • Two-year warranty.
  • iM3 Online technical support for life.
  • iM3 CR 7 2.0 VET image plate scanner and Vet-Exam software.
  • 10 Network licenses.
  • Size 2 (4pc) high resolution reusable imaging plates.
  • Size 4 (1pc) high resolution reusable imaging plates.
  • Size 5 (1pc) high resolution reusable imaging plates.
  • Size 2, 4 & 5 disposable barrier sleeves/sheaves.
  • iM3 positioning kit X8500.
  • Protective dust cover.
  • X-ray safety mat.
  • Two-year warranty with ongoing iM3 online Technical Support.

Minimum PC Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-i7 or better.
  • Ram: Recommended 8GB or greater.
  • Operating System: Single Workstation System / multi-workstation system (network min. 100 MB via switch): Windows 10, 64 Bit Professional.
  • Hard Drive: Workstation Hard Disk >500GB. If database is not required on pc/laptop, Hard Disk can be < 100GB.

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