iM3 BurButler

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Size: Small
Colour: BL
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The iM3 BurButler is a dental bur holder created for veterinary dentistry. Easy to open allows for quick bur access and is fully autoclavable. 

Made from flexible medical grade silicone and is made to last and protect your burs for years.

Available in Small (10 bur spaces) or Large (25 bur spaces) and comes with a lid.

Spacing between burs allows for one-handed access to remove and replace your burs. 

Both the lid and base can be steam autoclaved

  • Lid can be placed on base for autoclave cycle
  • Assembled set can be bagged as required

Washer disinfector or ultrasonic bath

  • Place the burs and BurButler in the washer disinfector or ultrasonic back as required
  • Separate the lid and base during these procedures
  • Through holes in the base and tessellated orifice design allow irrigation of the bur shaft and drainage

Burs shown in photo not included

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