iM3 Advantage LED High Speed Handpiece & Swivel COMBO

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Reliable – Efficient – Precise – iM3 Advantage.
The Advantage LED high speed (400,000 rpm) handpiece & swivel with inbuilt generator creates LED light in the mouth. With a colour temperature of 5,500 K the Advantage hand piece produces a radiation spectrum that corresponds to daylight. The high colour rendering index (CRI 90) of the LED enables relaxed work thanks to daylight quality light and provides exceptional reproduction of natural colours and clear colour contrasts in the mouth. The handpieces minimizes fatigue, thanks to the easy 360 degree rotation of the handpiece on the coupling, low overall weight and slender design. The unique handpiece design also allows for component replacement on site by the user.
Simple FG bur changing – push button design and yellow iPush included.
Precision bur cooling – triple coolant spray produces a mist around the bur.
Patented hygienic head – Prevents aerosol particles from being sucked into the turbine.
Replaceable water filter, 4 hole connection, autoclavable. Made in Austria, 1 year warranty. Supplied with L7050 iPush & MD30 oil.

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