iM3 Adjustable Static Mouth Gag

SKU: IM-MG1000
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Size: Set
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These plastic mouth gags are designed to fit over the coronal tips of the opposing upper and lower canine teeth in dogs and cats. The length of each mouth gag is adjustable, and can be extended by unscrewing the gag. Unlike spring loaded mouth gags, these remain static once set, greatly reducing the possibility of injury to the patient. They are intended for use in anaesthetized patients only. 

There are five sizes available, which can be purchased individually or as a complete set:

  • Mouth Gag 30 mm - X-small
  • Mouth Gag 40 mm - Small
  • Mouth Gag 50 mm - Medium
  • Mouth Gag 60 mm - Large
  • Mouth Gag 80 mm - X-Large


Disinfect between use, these mouth gags are not autoclavable.

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