iM3 Abacus Endodontic File Holder

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Size: ISO 025-060
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The iM3 Abacus Endodontic File Holder was developed in cooperation with veterinary dental diplomates, Dr Jerzy Gawor and Dr Jan Schreyer, to serve as both a robust veterinary-length file holder and as a convenient tracker for file usage.

Capable of holding K-Reamers, H-Files and Rotary Files, the iM3 Abacus fits perfectly in the iM3 Control Cut range while beautifully illustrating the iM3 approach to straightforward and functional veterinary-exclusive solutions.

The numbered rows in the iM3 Abacus provides the veterinarian with a simple and visual approach to track how many uses each file has had.

The numbered rows of the iM3 Abacus provide a visual method of tracking how many times each file has been used.

Stainless steel and autoclavable

Veterinary-length endodontic ruler - 80mm

Holds files from ISO 025 to 060 / 070 to 140

Fits files up to 80mm in length

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