H-File (Ni-Ti) 80mm 0.35 (6 pack)

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iM3 Control Cut H-File (Ni-Ti) 80 mm 0.35 (6 pack)

Made from Nickel Titanium for increased strength and unique flexibility when working in curved root canals

ISO 0.35

Taper 0.02

80 mm overall length - 30 mm working length

Sold in packs of six

H-Files or Hedstrom Files, are used in a reciprocating movement to file and shape the root canal.

Files and Reamers are intended to be single use and the cost factored in to each procedure.

iM3 Control Cut brings a universal approach to veterinary endodontics. We use the same taper across our entire endo range including hand files, rotary files, gutta percha and paper points. So whether you use a manual, rotary, or hybrid approach to your endo procedures, the iM3 Control Cut delivers precise and controlled canal shaping and perfectly fitting gutta percha for every treatment. 

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