Fusion Xpress™ - Injectable Bone Putty

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Fusion Xpress™ injectable bone putty is a combination of demineralized bone (DBM) with mineralized cancellous chips and biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP) in a resorbable carrier. The BCP consists of beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) and hydroxyapatite (HA), both found naturally in real bone.

It is both osteoinductive and osteoconductive and has excellent handling characteristics. It is individually packaged in a 1 cc syringe for filling, bridging and/or reconstruction of bony defects and is suitable for both orthopedic and dental use. 

How It Works
The KEY to success with engineered combination products is the balance of intrinsic growth factors (e.g., BMP’s) in DBM and phased synthetic graft resorption. This powerful combination creates an enhanced environment that supports osseous regeneration throughout the stages of healing, resulting in bony FUSION™. Combining osteoconductive biphasic synthetics with an osteoinductive agent such as DBM is a most promising combination for achieving reliably successful fusion without the use of autograft.

Filling, bridging and/or reconstruction of bony defects.

Dental Ortho
✔ Void filling/Extraction sites ✔ TTA / TPLO
✔ Periodontal pockets ✔ Angular limb deformities
✔ Bone loss ✔ Void filling/Osteotomy sites
✔ Mandibular fracture repair ✔ Comminuted fractures, non or delayed unions
✔ Cysts/Other osseous defects ✔ Arthrodesis
✔ Guided bone regeneration ✔ Anywhere autograft would be used

Excellent Handling Characteristics  Injectable directly out of the syringe into the site! No glove handling required. Resists vigorous irrigation and stays in the site.
Osteoinductive It is well documented that DBM contains a full complement of naturally present BMPs1. These BMPs facilitate the osteoinductivity needed for optimal bone regeneration.
Osteoconductive The calcium phosphate minerals consist of beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) and hydroxyapatite (HA), both found in real bone. The combination of these minerals and real cancellous bone provide a natural osteoconductive scaffold to support in-growth of bone-forming cells and release minerals locally for use in bone mineralization.

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