FG Round Short Burs

SKU: BR-H1.33.005
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AVP: Not Coded
CDMV: Not Coded
VP: Not Coded
WDDC: Not Coded

Head Size: 1/4
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A package of five individually sealed short length carbide 1/2 round FG (friction grip) burs. Will fit all standard high speed dental handpieces. 

Head Size (1/10 mm): 006

Round burs are useful for creating access holes, removing buccal bone, creating a moat around root fragments, and smoothing alveolar bone. They are available in short, regular and surgical length shafts and have tip sizes that range from ¼ to 10. 

Some recommended round burs for veterinary dentistry are the ¼ and ½ for felines and the 2 and 4 for canines.


  • Caries excavation
  • Cavity preparation
  • Root canal access
  • Osseous surgery

Qty Per Pk: 5
Head Shape: Round
Shank Type: 33-Friction Grip, Short
Shank Size: 16 mm

iM3 Bur Code & Corresponding Serona Product Code:
Head Size iM3 Code Serona SKU
1/4 FG D7910 BR-H1.33.005
1/2 FG D7909 BR-H1.33.006
2 FG D7908 BR-H1.33.010
4 FG D7920 BR-H1.33.014
6 FG D7907 BR-H1.33.018
8 FG D7930 BR-H1.33.023

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