FG MWV Pear Shaped Bur

SKU: BR-H24.31.006
Buying Group Codes:
AVP: Not Coded
CDMV: Not Coded
VP: Not Coded
WDDC: Not Coded

Head Size: 329MWV
Sale price$13.00


Pear shaped burs are useful for sectioning teeth, removing buccal bone, creating moats around root fragments, and smoothing alveolar bone. Both the tip and the side of the head on these burs can be used, which is what makes them so versatile. Some pear burs are available with a longer cutting surface (L) and all of them are available with a short or regular shank. 
Some recommended pear shaped burs are the 329 and 330 for felines, and the 331 for canines.

Qty Per Pk: 5
Head Shape: Pear
Shank Type: 31-Friction Grip, Regular
Shank Size: 19 mm

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