AlumiSpec™ Equine Speculum

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The MAI AlumiSpec™ Equine Speculum is constructed of lightweight aircraft aluminum. The wide aluminum design also allows X-Rays to be taken without distortion, and allows room for X-Ray plates to be placed next to the patient's head for hands-free X-Rays. With a net weight of just 4 lbs, the durable material still withstands the even strongest bending forces in equine dental procedures.

The use of replaceable synthetic straps in the "cinch-lock" locking system allows for easy access to the oral cavity. The AlumiSpec™ Equine Speculum can be used on horses of all sizes, is easy to clean, and is pliable at all temperatures.

Replacement Parts:
MAI-53603 - Cam Buckle
MAI-53602 - Opening Strap

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