RGP’s 400-D combines unparalleled support with an elegant design. While most operator/hygiene stools come with a flat seat...
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RGP’s 400-D combines unparalleled support with an elegant design. While most operator/hygiene stools come with a flat seat cushion and a flat backrest, the 400-D incorporates a fully contoured design. We tend to want to sit at the edge of our stools. The 400-D's unique contoured seat cushion will help train the user to sit back in the stool therefore utilizing the back support to its full potential.

Unique to the 400 series is its hydraulic mechanism which allows the stool’s back and seat to ‘float’, following ones’ movement. This “Active Seating” is further enhanced by the adjustable heights of both the backrest and the stool itself. Arm supports are available to relieve the neck, arms and back while allowing full range of motion. Postural changes as a result of use of the 400-D have proven effective in promoting work productivity, eliminating daily fatigue and pain, and increased health and well-being.

  • Active Seating
  • Hydraulically Controlled Single Lever Mechanism
  • Patented Split Backrest
  • Protective Edging around backrest pads
  • Contour Seat Cushion
  • Built with standard cylinder height range (18.5"- 24.5" seat level)
  • Flexible telescoping arm supports available
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on mechanical components

  • Cylinder Recommendations:
  • The stool comes built with our 'standard' cylinder to accommodate most users
  • Under 5'2- 'short' cylinder suggested
  • Over 6'4- 'tall' cylinder suggested

  • Armrests or Shoulder Supports
    Many practitioners experience discomfort and fatigue in the shoulders, neck and upper back. RGP’s shoulder support system provides range of motion to perform your task and removes the weight of your arm off your upper back, neck and shoulders.

    Relax Armrest:
    Typically used on the non-dominant or mirror hand, the two dimensional shoulder support alleviates the stress and strain from your upper back, neck and shoulders while allowing you to retract or hold your arm pain-free and stable for very long periods of time.

    Hydro Armrest:
    Used on your dominant arm, the three dimensional shoulder support provides full range of motion for your instrument side.

    Foot Activator (adds 5″ to height):
    The RGP Foot Activator is a small spring loaded ring that sits at the bottom of the 5 leg base. It is designed for quick height adjustment of the RGP stool. It also eliminates the possibility of contamination by allowing the user to adjust the height hands free. While seated, press the ring with the heel of your foot to lower the stool. To raise, simply stand while pressing the ring simultaneously. The RGP Foot Activator adds 5” to stool height.

    Foot Ring:
    The foot ring is footrest that sits above the wheels.

    Replacement Casters:
    In need of a new wheel for your stool? Sold individually. Shipping fee is based on quantity.

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