Tired of being dull? We offer an instrument sharpening and repair service! Many dental instruments need to be kept sharp in order for them to do their best work.
 It is best to have two sets of instruments if you are planning to use a third party sharpening service. You can expect a turnaround time of approximately 10 - 14 days. To send your instruments in for sharpening or repair please open a ticket by submitting your sharpening and repair form. You will receive an email with further instructions.

Dental Instrument Sharpening Price List:
 Instrument Type Single Ended Double Ended
Scalers & Curettes $5.00 $7.00
Dental Elevators & Luxators $9.00 $10.50
Periosteal Elevators $9.00 $10.50
Root Tip Picks $5.00 $7.50
Dental Explorers $2.25 $3.00
Bone Chisels $5.00 $7.50
Surgical/Bone Curettes & Spoon Excavators $5.00 $7.50

In‐house Repair Price List (minor repairs*):

 Instrument Type Single Ended Double Ended
Dental Elevators & Luxators $12.00 $14.00
Periosteal Elevators $12.00 $14.00
Root Tip Picks $7.00 $9.50
Periosteal Elevators $7.00 $9.50

* Instruments requiring more extensive repairs or re‐tipping will be sent out for repair. A quote will be provided in advance. 

Learn to sharpen! Serona would like to offer dental instrument sharpening seminars across Canada, and would love to know who is interested. If you are interested in attending a sharpening seminar please fill in the form below, and we will contact you if there is enough interest in your area.

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