Serona Animal Health offers instrument re-tipping and refurbishment for a wide variety of worn and/or damaged instruments.

Re-tipping is available for all scalers, probes and explorers, as well as for operative, oral surgery and implant instruments. This includes instruments such as elevators, luxators, periosteal elevators, bone curettes, etc. Instruments are re-tipped by Cislak Manufacturing with the highest quality surgical grade stainless steel, and are heat treated to hold a consistent edge. Re-tipping services are available for Cislak brand instruments as well as any other brand of instrument that has a seam at the point where the shank meets the handle. Instruments that are welded or seamless are not able to be re-tipped. If you’re unsure if your instrument(s) can be re-tipped, photos can be submitted to and we would be happy to advise you.

We also offer refurbishing of needle drivers with tungsten carbide tips, regardless of the brand. Worn out carbide jaws will be replaced with sharp new ones for a better grip! Scissors on needle drivers, as well as any other scissors sent to Serona, will be precision sharpened back to like-new sharpness.

Please open a ticket by submitting your completed Instrument Repair (Retipping) form below. You will receive further instructions by email along with a copy of your completed form. Please be sure to print 2 copies of the form results. Include one copy with your shipment and keep the other copy for your records.

Please note that Serona is not provided with repair updates, and therefore cannot provide an update on your repairs. An email will be sent out once we have received email notification that the repair has been completed (we will receive the invoice from Cislak), and are in transit back to our office. 

The repair service takes a minimum of 8 weeks due to production schedule and all repairs are completed by hand.