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A veterinary dental 4-Prong extractor with a fulcrum. Available in straight or curved.4-Prong Extractor, Mid, with Fulcrum
A 550 ml veterinary dental syringe that is 15.5" length. Available in a polypropylene graduated or non-graduated barrel
550 ml Syringe
Sale priceFrom $89.25
Air Intake Filter
Air Intake Filter
Sale price$123.00
12" veterinary dental Alligator Forceps with a long handle and grasping head.
Alligator Forceps
Sale price$72.00
Veterinary Dental MAI AlumiSpec™ Equine Speculum constructed of lightweight aircraft aluminum which allows X-Rays to be taken without distortion and hands-free X-Rays. Has a net weight of 4 lbs.
 A veterinary dental battery-powered cautery kit. Includes 2 "AA" Batteries, 1 Carrying Case, as well as 3 Convenient and portable tips.
Battery Powered Cautery Kit
Sale price$138.00
Shop online for the veterinary dental Bio Lube™ Handpiece Cleaner (7 oz), which is an aerosol spray that eliminates residue caused by traditional lubrication.
Shop online for the veterinary dental Inovadent Bio Lube™ Handpiece Lubricant Pen (.25 oz), which is a synthetic biodegradable lubricant safe for handpieces.
CAT+ Doppler / Blood Pressure CuffsCAT+ Doppler / Blood Pressure Cuffs
CAT+ Doppler / Blood Pressure MonitorCAT+ Doppler / Blood Pressure Monitor
CAT+ Doppler / Blood Pressure Monitor
Sale priceFrom $1,965.00

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