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iM3 42-12 Scaler Tip Inserts

from $457.50

U - Universal scaling tip is designed for supra and sub-gingival scaling. Made from titanium and complete with ferrite rod the tip only fits the iM3 42-12 Ultrasonic scaler. Autoclavable.  P...

iM3 Piezo P4, P6, and P6 LED Tips


BS-1 is a pointed universal piezo tip that is best for general deposit removal in all quadrants. Made from stainless steel and suitable for P4 & P6 piezo ultrasonic scalers.BS-2...

iM3 42-12 Ferrite Rod replacement


Replacement Ferrite Rod for the iM3 42-12 Scaler Tip Inserts. Autoclavable

Vet-Tome Standard Flat Tip (5pc)


The Vet-Tome standard Flat tip is a thin blade designed to follow (bend & curve) the tooth root and cut the Periodontal Ligament. Stainless Steel and autoclavable. Pack of 5...

Vet-Tome Heavy Tip (5pc)


The Vet-Tome heavy tip is thicker than the standard flat (V2001) designed to be more robust and therefore lasting longer. The disadvantage is the tip does not bend & curve...

KLAW Tip Wrench


The KLAW tip wrench is used to tighten and loosen the KLAW scaler tips. To avoid over tightening your tip (which can damage your handpiece), first finger tighten the tip...

KLAW Piezo Scaling Tips


KLAW #1 - A universal small instrument with a curved scaler tip designed for root surfaces. This curette design will eliminate hand scaling repetitive motion injuries and is useful for...

Beyes Scaler Tip Inserts for Comfort-Sonic LED P6 Plus & Comfort-Sonic LED P9

from $17.70

Replacement tips for Beyes Comfort-Sonic LED P6 Plus & Comfort-Sonic LED P9. E-E1 Compatible to Beyes & EMS , for Endo.  For the flexibility to use different endo files, specially suited...

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