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iM3 CR-7 Image Plates

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The CR7 Vet has the largest range of high resolution image plates including sizes 0,1,2,3,4,5 & specially shaped intra oral plates for rabbits!With DR systems you are often limited to size 2...

iM3 Table Top Mouth Gag (Rodent/Rabbit)


The adjustable TTMG was designed by iM3 with the help of specialists to hold the anaesthetised rabbit or rodent in the best possible position for examination and treatment of the...

iM3 Straight Nose Cone 1:1


Straight Nose Cone 1:1 ratio (blue) uses HP burs for rabbit and orthopaedic work. Autoclavable.

iM3 Rabbit (Leporidae) Skull Model


The two part Rabbit skull model allows you to observe the tooth and root pattern of a typical rabbit. Also included with the model is a double sided plastic educational...

iM3 Rabbit soft tissue Protector & Diamond Bur kit


The iM3 soft tissue kit is an ideal set of instruments for reducing and leveling molar and incisor teeth. The soft tissue and diamond disc protectors shield the tongue and...

iM3 Diamond Disc 22mm Double Sided - HP


The diamond disc is used for trimming incisors and should be used in conjunction with the D2220 diamond disc safety shield.

Soft Tissue Protector


The soft tissue protector guards the tongue and cheeks by exposing only the bottom cutting surface of the diamond bur when used on cheek teeth. The protector is fitted to...

iM3 LED Exam Light


1 Watt bright white LED light with 30cm flexible neck. The LED light is ideal for illuminating the oral cavity during rabbit dentistry. The flexible 30cm neck allows the bright...

iM3 Diamond Disc Safety Shield


The diamond disc safety shield is used with the diamond disc to protect the soft tissue whilst trimming incisors. The disc and shield are fitted to a 1:1 straight nose...

iM3 1:1 LED Advantage Surgical Straight Nose Cone


The LED advantage provides bright white LED light, illuminating the oral cavity in small rabbits and rodents. Self-generated LED white daylight, produced by the drive shaft of the low speed...

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