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Cislak Holmstrom Single-Ended Straight Plugger & Spreader Set

from $481.50

Cislak H102 Holmstrom Single-Ended Straight Plugger & Spreader Set Choose Your Handle The Cislak Way Warranty Choose Your HandleChoose Your Handle Cislak prophy instruments have 3 different handle choices: Featherweight...

Cislak DE VRCP Posterior Endo Plugger Set

from $149.85

Cislak H-104 DE VRCP posterior endo plugger set. The kit includes: VRCP 1/3C: Posterior Endo Plugger VRCP 5/7C: Posterior Endo Plugger VRCP 9/11C: Posterior Endo Plugger  Can't Find What You...

Cislak Holmstrom Double-Ended Plugger/Spreader Set

from $282.38

Cislak H101 Holmstrom double-ended plugger/spreader set. The Holmstrom Pluggers/Spreaders have a plugger on one side and a spreader on the other. The numbering system coordinates with the numbers on endodontic...

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