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iM3 Elite & Pro Maintenance Kit (oilless)


iM3 GS Maintenance Kit (oilless).Kit Includes: IM-P0781 Oil Free Air Intake Filter Element IM-P7235 Water Filter II IM-P7957 Particular Filter - Two Pieces (purple) Instruction Sheet

JUN-Air® SJ 27 Synthetic Compressor Oil, 500ml bottle


JUN-AIR® SJ 27 Synthetic Compressor Oil is suitable for use with all Inovadent and Vetsonics dental carts with JUN-AIR® compressors. It may or may not be compatible with other oil...

iM3 Turbine for L7100/L7200 HS Handpieces


Turbine for the following handpieces: iM3 Advantage L7100 iM3 Advantage L7200 Turbine is easy to change, you can do it yourself!

Turbine for Pana Air Style Standard Push Button Handpiece


Replacement turbine for a number of brands of Pana Air Style standard push button high speed handpieces (NSK-A485A), including the following Inovadent high speed handpieces: MAI-54900  (IN-20-255-0009) MAI-54901  (IN-20-255-0010)  

Dentalaire Compressor Oil


Please check with your machine's manufacturer before using a brand of compressor oil different from your unit.  22 oz. (DTP11310)

iM3 Turbine Replacement Midi Head Cartridge Type


Turbine for the following handpiece: L5200S (if the serial number of your handpiece starts with 2) L5300S Easy to change, you can do it by yourself!

iM3 Water Line Filter


iM3 Regulator/Gauge Assembly with shut off


Please consult with an iM3 technician prior to ordering this item to ensure it is the correct part for your machine.

Vetcorder Airmate Replacement Filters

from $86.00

Vetcorder Airmate replacement filters. Available in packages of 5 and 25. The Vetcorder Airmate itself will stop working once it determines that the filter is full and needs to be changed. ...

iM3 GS Maintenance Kit (oilless)


iM3 GS Maintenance Kit (oilless).Kit Includes: IM-P0781 Oil Free Air Intake Filter Element IM-P7235 Water Filter II IM-P7957 Particular Filter - One Piece (purple) Instruction Sheet

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