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Vetcorder Portable Monitor


System Features: Touch screen interface Monitoring of ECG, SpO2, HR & T Connects to tablet for larger screen 1 year warranty Touch Screen Interface The touch screen interface is easy...

Vetcorder™ Portable Patient Monitor + Vetcorder™ AirMate™ Capnograph


Vetcorder™ Portable Patient Monitor and Vetcorder™ AirMate™ Capnograph. "We are most pleased with the Vetcorder combo!  Fast to hookup ; easy enough for lay staff; reliable and with a long-lasting...

Vetcorder Airmate Replacement Filters

from $86.00

Vetcorder Airmate replacement filters. Available in packages of 5 and 25. The Vetcorder Airmate itself will stop working once it determines that the filter is full and needs to be changed. ...

Vetcorder Airmate Portable Sidestream Capnography


The Vetcorder AirmMate is a portable capnograph that allows the veterinary team to monitor their patients continuously from induction through recovery. The Vetcorder's size allows for ease of use in...

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