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LikShield™ 18/pkg


LikShield™ is a wound management product designed to prevent post-surgical wound licking by pets that in many cases can prolong the healing process and lead to infection.  LikShield™ with its...

StopLik ™ Lick Deterrent Aid 12/pkg

from $242.00

StopLik deters the habitual licking that can cause open sores. It also discourages pets from removing bandages during healing, allowing open sores to be more successfully treated. Designed to discourage...

Pet-Dent Plus with Hexa-Clean® Oral Maintenance Tablets

from $19.40

Maintaining your pet’s oral health between veterinary cleanings has never been easier with our Pet-Dent Plus Oral Maintenance Tablets. Simply add one effervescent tablet to your dog or cat’s water...

Keystone Vet Dental Maintenance Gel w/ Zinc Gluconate

from $12.99

The new pet Maintenance Gel was developed by board certified dental veterinarians as a follow-up tooth gel for everyday use. One of the best things pet owners can do to help...

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