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Cislak EX-118 Serona Feline Extraction Kit (9 pc.)


Cislak EX-118 9 Piece Serona Feline Extraction Kit consists of Serona's top feline extraction instruments including elevators, periosteal elevator, surgical bone curette, and root tip pick. You can also have...

Cislak EX-102 Advanced Feline Elevator Kit (8 pc.)

from $690.08

Cislak EX-102 8 Piece Advanced Feline Elevator Kit comes with a great selection of elevators commonly used in feline dental extractions, as well as a periosteal elevator and two sizes...

Cislak Feline Scaler/Curette Kit #P102

from $316.80

Cislak Feline Scaler/Curette Kit P-102. The Kit Includes: P12: Interproximal Scaler P19: Feline Gracey Curette P24: Feline Gracey Curette P26: Feline Gracey Curette P28: Feline Gracey Curette P29: Feline Gracey Curette Area-Specific Curettes are...

Cislak 5 Piece "NV" Feline Curette Kit w/ Cassette

from $411.30

The "NV" series of curettes are area specific curettes with a much smaller blade than similar gracey style curettes. these small blades make them ideal for the feline mouth. The...

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