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Cislak #34 Seldin Elevator

from $98.75

The EQ-34 straight elevator is the Cislak equivalent of the #34 Seldin. It is a larger, heavier version of the EX-3 elevator. In addition to being used to extract large...

MAI 3-Prong Extractor, 19"


3 - Prong Extractor, 19" length. Available in left and right options.

Mesial Spreader


These mesial spreaders are specifically designed to keep most of the pressure on the tooth being extracted. Available in 3mm, 6mm, and 9mm.

Gingival Elevator Set, T-Handle


The Gingival Elevator Set with T-Handle is designed to loosen the gingiva from the tooth before extraction. It includes 2 curvatures for the lingual and buccal position.

Fragment Forceps, Heavy


Heavy Fragment Forceps, 2" Jaw Length.

Cislak Extra-Large Winged Elevators 10mm - 16mm

from $110.00

Please note that these elevators are most commonly used for equine and exotic procedures, though some find the size 10 and 12 suitable for larger dogs. Winged elevators can be...

Extended Wolf Tooth Elevator Set

from $270.00

The extended wolf tooth elevator set is constructed of high quality stainless steel. They are designed with an extended length to be used with a speculum. The sharp cutting edge...

Equine Diagnostic Kit


Equine Diagnostic Kit Includes: The Edge Equine™ Mouth Mirror Replacement Mouth Mirror The Edge Equine™ Dental Pick VDP Equine Periodontal Pick w/ 3 Needle Picks 12" Alligator Forceps Periodontal Probe...

Alligator Forceps


12" Alligator Forceps.

Wolf Tooth Forceps

from $142.00

Wolf Tooth Forceps effective for wolf tooth and incisor extractions.

Replacement Mouth Mirror with Tape, Oval


The Edge Equine™ Replacement Mouth Mirror with Tape, Oval

Oval Mouth Mirror, T-Handle, 19"


The Edge Equine™ 19" long T-handle mouth mirror with oval mirror is specifically designed for equine dentistry. It features a 2" diameter mirror on a 15" long shaft. The mirror is...

Large Extraction Forceps, 19"


The Large Extraction Forceps are 19" in length. They have a concave knurled contact surface made to securely grip the tooth.

Fulcrum Set


Includes multiple fulcrum heads to fit most extraction needs. The angled and notched surface keeps the fulcrum in place.

Fragment Forceps, Slim


These slim fragment forceps provide access to fragments deep in the alveolus. Available in 4cm, 6cm, and 8cm tips.

Fragment Forceps, 19"


Fragment Forceps, 19" length with a jaw length of 2".

Extraction Forceps, Duckbill


Extraction Forceps, Duckbill

Equine Standard Dental Spreader


These standard spreaders are specifically designed to keep most of the pressure on the tooth being extracted. They are available in 3 mm and 6 mm.

Equine Periodontal Pick

from $138.00

The Equine Periodontal Picks design is based on human periodontal instruments with an extended handle for equine use. It is constructed of premium quality stainless steel and comes with the...

Equine Incisor Elevator Set

from $174.00

The 3 Piece Equine Incisor Elevator Set includes 3 stainless steel non-winged elevators (1 straight and 2 curved) as shown on the left side of the 6 pc. image. The...

Equine Fine Point Periodontal Forceps


The Equine Fine Point Periodontal Forceps are 16" in length and have a double acting design allowing room to work in the tight confines of the horse's mouth. It's small...

Equine Extraction Starter Kit


The Equine Extraction Starter Kit includes: 4-Prong Extraction Forceps Standard Spreader, 3 mm Gingival Elevator Set, T-Handle (Set of 2) 

Equine Dental Scaler, T-Handle


Equine Dental Scaler T-Handle, Length 14".

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