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iM3 Colourflow


Light cured flowable dental composite  COLOURFLOW is a modern, light-cured composite COLOURFLOW composite exhibits high levels of flexural strength:between 90-100 MPa.

Slimax - C Plus LED Curing Light System (Built-in Radiometer)


The SLIMAX LED Curing Light System is a cordless pen style curing light used for the polymerization of light-cured dental material used by veterinary dental professionals. The solid aluminium body...

Polishing Rubber Discs


Polishing Rubber - Disc ShapedFits RA Contra-angle handpieces such as L2004Used to polish composite materialsSold in singles

iM3 Self Cure - Mixing Tips - 50pcs


For use with iM3 Self Cure Cartridges.Includes 50x Mixing Tips

iM3 Self Cure - Applicator Gun


For use with iM3 Self Cure Cartridges.Includes 1x ApplicatoriM3 Self Cure cartridges sold separately

iM3 Self Cure


iM3 Self Cure includes: 1x Automixing Cartridge 5x Mixing Tips 5x Fine Applicator iM3 Self Cure is a temporary composite material for temporary crowns and jaw fracture repairs etc. Characteristics iM3 Self...

iM3 MTA Powder - 20 Vials


iM3 MTA PowderFast-setting root canal repair materialPowder - 20 vials of 0.25gEach sealed bag contains 2x vials

iM3 MTA Powder - 10 Vials


iM3 MTA PowderFast-setting root canal repair materialPowder - 10 vials of 0.25gEach sealed bag contains 2x vials

iM3 Create A1


Light cured dental composite restorative material LIGHT CURED COMPOSITE OF AN INCREASED MECHANICAL DURABILITY The only technology that enables a permanent restoration in one visit of approximately 2 hours. Non-invasive...

iM3 Bond


Universal, one-bottle dental adhesive system. Ensures adhesive strength on the level of 20 ± 3 MPa to enamel and approx. 12 ± 2 MPa to dentine. Available in a 4...

iM3 Endo Starter Kit


IM-BOND4B Bond 4ml BottleIM-E3665G Etchgel 36% 6.5g SyringeIM-FCA16G iM3 Silk Flow Composite A1 2G SyringeIM-D7851 Bur Arkansas Flame Stone FG SingleIM-L6000 L3 Curing LightIM-EV14KT Polishing Disks 14 Starter KitIM-ENM901 Micro Applicators...

LED Curing light


A cordless, pen-shaped LED curing light. Complete with protective light shield and light sleeves (100pcs).As these are high-intensity curing lights, we suggest testing your composite before use outside of the mouth....

iM3 Curing Light


The L3 PRO is a cordless, pen-shaped LED curing light. The L3 PRO uses a glass fiber optic light guide and a red eye shield for minimal eye protection at...

Flexible Polishing Discs (100 pkg)


Flexible polishing discs used for smoothing composites. Comes with 100 discs and 1 RA mandrill for use in Low Speed Contra Angle Handpiece.Available in fine (F), medium, (M), coarse (C),...

Flexible Polishing Discs - Assorted Set (100 pkg)


Flexible Polishing Discs - Assorted SetVery Coarse Grit (Black) x 25Coarse Grit (Blue) x 25Medium Grit (Pink) x 25Fine Grit (White) x 25Supplied with 1 piece RA mandrill for use in Low...

Disposable Mixing Sticks - 25pcs


Disposable Plastic Mixing SticksSold in packs of 25 pieces

Glass Dappen Dish


Reusable, perfect for mixing solutions and substances.

Disposable Dappen Dishes (100 pack)


100 pieces per pack Fully disposable to save time and prevent cross-contamination For prophy, etchant and bonding

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