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Cislak SK-102 Serona Canine Scaler/Curette Kit

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The SK-102 Kit Includes: MVS-1 Morse 00/Younger-Good 15 Scaler  P-3 Towner/Jacquette (U15/J30) Scaler P-10 Universal Columbia 13/14 Curette P-12 Interproximal (#204S) Scaler P-20 Gracey 11/12 Curette P-21 Gracey 13/14 Curette...

Cislak EX-125 Serona Canine Supplemental Extraction Kit


The Cislak EX125 Serona Canine Supplemental Extraction Kit is meant to be used as an addition to the EX-118 Feline Extraction Kit. The Kit Includes: Cislak EX2 Surgical Bone Curette...

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