UltraMaxx-Q (100 Micron) Complete Equine DR X-Ray Package

The UltraMaxx-Q complete equine DR X-ray package represents a breakthrough in equine imaging technology. The market leading 100...
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The UltraMaxx-Q complete equine DR X-ray package represents a breakthrough in equine imaging technology. The market leading 100 micron pixel pitch DR panel is paired with the brand new and *exclusive* “Intellect Module” which facilitates fully automatic image rotation, labeling, filtering, cropping and advanced technical markup presentation to the user!

The 3025 CSI Wireless complete Equine DR package includes:
  • 3025 100 micron CSI Wireless DR panel
  • Three batteries
  • Charging Bay
  • Full Metron “Lumina” ver 8.x exclusive Equine advanced acquisition software
  • Panel protector/cover with handgrip
  • Intellect Module advanced 15.6 inch FHD (1920x1080) touchscreen laptop with eight generation i7 Intel CPU, 16 GB RAM, and SSD / HDD built in storage combination
  • Convenient and durable Carry case for all components

ULTRAMAXX-Q Detector Specifications:
  • Image Matrix: 25 x 30 cm (10 x 12 inches)
  • WIRELESS -Panel/Laptop *Direct* (no router)
  • Sensor Type: a-Si TFT (Thin Film Transistors-Diode)
  • Direct Deposit Cesium Iodide (CSI-TI) *STANDARD*
  • No connection to X-Ray Generator required
  • Resolution: 5.0 + lp/mm

Metron “Lumina” Equine Acquisition/Review/PACS Software:
  • Standard, Zoom, Pan, Scroll, Real Size View, Multi-View, Collections, Window/Level, Histogram, Edge, etc.
  • Free Mark Up, Annotations, Image Label, etc.
  • Advanced Patented and Exclusive Guided Mark Up routines for Palmar Angle, P3 Descent, Hoof Angle , etc
  • Advanced Anatomical Image filters and Video Morphing
  • User Programmable Exposure Sequences
  • Additional View Station Licenses optional
  • DICOM PACS “Push/Pull” Q/R Send Receive functions
  • CD/DVD Burn & Multi Format export (jpg, bmp, dicom, etc)
  • Exclusive Send to WebViewer and iPad/iPhone Viewer
  • “Intellect Module” for Fully Automatic Mark Up, Orientation, Labeling etc. available
  • Auto-Scaler for computed measurement available

METRON, the first veterinary imaging software utilizing deep learning. The ground breaking software can automatically label equine radiographs and photographs. It is anatomy aware, meaning that it can automatically label radiographs, creating a superior work-flow for the equine practitioner. Hoof images are marked up and measured by Metron's Intellect Module which can accurately pick key-points in images to make measurements. The software not only automatically recognizes, labels, and measures anatomy, but also automatically rotates, orders, and prunes images.

*OPTIONAL - Intellect Module
*OPTIONAL - Advanced block and hardware kit includes:
  • 2 x Metron Blocks
  • 1 x EponaCam with Light and Charger
  • 1 x Background Board with Illustrated Instructions (held behind the hoof when taking photos to produce a clean image without background clutter)
  • 1 x Auto-Scaler with Base for scaling Radiographic as well as Photographic Images
  • 3 x Finger-Rings (sm/med/lg) with 2 slide-in Metal Finger Scales
  • 1 x Carrying Case
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