Rotary File 31 mm ISO 0.40 - pack of 6

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iM3 Control Cut instruments are made from nickel titanium (Ni-Ti) for increased strength and flexibility. iM3 Control Cut Rotary Files are designed to work in a reciprocating movement but can also work in a forward-only motion on larger canals to increase speed of treatment. The advanced design of the files reduces the risk of removing excess dentine and weakening the tooth. To further enhance the safety aspects of the system, a non-cutting tip has been added to reduce the chances of shelving or cutting through the apex of the tooth.

iM3 Control Cut Rotary Files feature a unique break point at the top of the file preventing breakage happening in the canal. They also feature ISO colour-coded endodontic stops and a unique banding system to easily identify the size of the file, even at a distance.

ISO 0.40

Taper 0.02

31 mm overall length – 16 mm working length

Sold in packs of six.

Rotary endodontic files require an RA endodontic motor such as the iM3 Endo-A-Class Vet LED or the Elements E-motion.

iM3 estimates files to have a lifespan of two to five uses depending on the shape of the canal; and the cost should be factored into your procedures.


iM3 Control Cut brings a universal approach to veterinary endodontics. We use the same taper across our entire endo range including hand files, rotary files, gutta percha and paper points. So, whether you use a manual, rotary, or hybrid approach to your endo procedures, iM3 Control Cut delivers precise and controlled canal shaping and perfectly fitting gutta percha for every treatment.

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