Olympic Versa-Lift

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The Olympic Versa-Lift is for lifting and transporting patients while saving time and improving patient care. This lift saves time as it takes fewer people and less time to transport heavy patients. The Versa-Lift improves patient care since the gurney combines an electric lift with lift-off stretchers. This is less traumatic for patients than hand carrying, especially for injured patients.

The Versa-Lift features an ergonomic electric lift that helps protect against back injury. Maximum height is 40" for standing comfort. The gurney rolls easily since it is lightweight at only 68 pounds. Furthermore, the Versa-Lift is equipped with steering handles at both ends, helping maneuver around tight spaces.

The Versa-Lift is equipped with a low-boy handle. So, when the lift is in a lowered position, a hidden handle slides out so one person can safely transport a patient in low-boy position if needed.

The lift also works for outside use by making removing patients from cars easier and safer with electric lift and lift-off stretchers.

The top of the Versa-Lift stretcher lifts easily for transporting patients to different tables. Stretchers are available in hard and soft.

The Versa-Lift has a quick rechargeable battery with a charging light. Also, the lift is versatile since it works as 3 products - a gurney, treatment table, and curbside lift. The Versa-Lift is safety compliant, as it helps your practice meet current safety standards. 


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