Olympic Ultra-Lite Gurney

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The Olympic Ultra-Lite Gurney is equipped with storage space and lift-off stretchers. This gurney is Ultra-Lite, only weighing 31 pounds and rolls efficiently on its 4 swiveling casters. Even though this gurney is lightweight, it can still hold up to 250 pounds and it 52" long to accommodate larger patients.
This gurney is versatile and speeds up patient handling. It can be used for exams and treatments, and has extra room for up to 100 pounds of storage space. With the extra room for storage space, your supplies can travel with your patient wherever they need. In addition, the gurney is equipped with steering handles at both ends so one or two people can steer and make tight turns or narrow hallways. 
The Ultra-Lite gurney has two stretchers available: soft and hard. When using the hard, the Ultra-Lite becomes a treatment table with a reinforced that firm and non-slip. 
The stretcher is held securely on 4 posts, but can be easily lifted off for transporting or lifting patients. The easy lift-off helps reduce back injury and ensures patients can be moved safely and quickly.

Warranty3 years including parts and labour unless damaged by misuse.
DimensionsOverall: 52"L x 18"W x 34"H
Net Weight31 pounds.
Capacity250 pounds
Extra StorageCan hold up to 100 pounds of supplies and equipment. 
StretchersAvailable in soft and hard.
HandlesOn both ends.
Table Packages
Part No. 50601Olympic Ultra-Lite Gurney™ with Soft Stretcher.
Part No. 50603Olympic Ultra-Lite Gurney™ complete with Soft and Hard Stretchers.
Part No. 50607MRI compatible Olympic Ultra-Lite Gurney™ with Hard and Soft Stretchers.

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