Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table

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The Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table offers a higher level of comfort and efficiency compared to other wet tables. The foot pedal operated height adjustment that the Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table offers allows the operator to be comfortable no matter their height, whether they are standing or sitting down, or the patient size.

The Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table speeds up procedure time and lessens operator fatigue, thereby providing bettering patient care and increasing your dental procedures.

The Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table can easily be installed as a replacement for any older wet table or in a new location. It is designed to meet all local plumbing codes. Even though the table moves up and down, the exterior plumbing connections are stationary and can be mated to standard fittings for any plumbing systems. (For plumbing specifications, please inquire.)

Warranty: 3 years including parts and labour unless damaged by misuse.
Dimensions: Top surface: 60" x 24" including stainless tub, sink and faucets. The useable table top surface: 55" x 24”
Electrical: 120V/60Hz. All UL components. Table has ground fault safety breaker.
Max. current draw of 7 Amps
Electrical Outlets: 3 electric outlets are built in to reduce cord clutter.
Electrical Outlets: 3 electric outlets are built in to reduce cord clutter.
Leveling Feet: Adjustable to any floor.
Stainless Steel Exam Top: Fits over grates to create a convenient exam surface. Faucet remains accessible when installed.
2 Removable Grates: Each stainless steel grate is 22" x 22". Easily lift out for cleaning.
Table Packages
Model No. 51003: Olympic Hi‐Lo Wet Table™ including 2 swing arms (with 2 sockets for accessories on each arm), instrument tray, IV pole, LED exam light, grate tilt insert. Also includes stainless dry top.
Model No. 51002: Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table™ with 2 grates, faucet, hand spray. Includes stainless dry top.
Model No. 51001: Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table™ with grates, faucet and hand spray.
Parts & Accessories
Part No. 51086: Swing arm with 2 sockets for accessories.
Part No. 51087: Height‐adjustable instrument tray.
Part No. 51081: IV Pole.
Part No. 51082: Grate tilt insert.
Part No. 51085: Stainless dry top, fits over grates.
Part No. 50986: Special use swing arm for mounting some brands of large anesthesia units. Please inquire.
Part No. 50987: LED Exam Light with flexible arm.
Part No. 50988: Laptop computer support arm.
Part No. 50989: Rear enclosure panels for olympic Hi‐Lo Wet Table™ for free‐standing installations.

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