Olympic Dental Table

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The completely portable and adjustable Olympic Dental Table allows for better patient presentation and operator comfort. Saving time and reducing operator fatigue allows your practice to schedule more dentals and improves patient care by reducing anesthesia time.  

The tables are constructed with heavy gauge welded steel and a powder coated finish creating a strong, stable operative surface free from wobble or sway. It's low profile caster-brakes make it easy to move and store when space is limited, and the generous amount of leg room allows for easy access on all sides. The foot switch swivels so it can always face the operator, providing easy and fast height adjustment.

The height of the table is adjustable from 29" to an extra-tall 41", providing the operator patient access without strain. The electric lift allows for precise positioning and operates with a capacity of 250 lbs (supporting larger dogs in all positions).

To assist in drainage and ultimate presentation, the adjustable tilt moves up to 10° in any direction and locks automatically. The dorsal positioner folds the table into a v-position to any angle up to 45° and also locks automatically.

The standard table comes with one swing out arm with a stainless steel instrument tray that can swing to either side of the table. An optional second arm with slots for a variety of accessories is also available.

Under the head support there is a removable drain pan that slides out for easy cleaning. On the undersides of the table there are tie down cleats mounted out of the way for convenience whether the table is in v-position or flat.

Veterinary dental procedures are often performed on makeshift tables not designed for dentistry. These inefficient and uncomfortable tables make dental procedures longer and more tiring. The new Olympic Dental Table solves these problems.

Warranty: 3 years including parts and labour unless damaged by misuse.
Dimensions: Top surface: 21" x 50". Overall: 21" x 62".
Electrical: Plugs into 120V AC. Max. current draw of 7 Amps.
Adustable Height: 29" to 41".
Capacity: 250 Lbs.
Electrical Outlets: 3 electric outlets are built in to reduce cord clutter.
Electric Lift: Precise positioning with a capacity of 250 lbs.
Adjustable Tilt: For drainage and best presentation, the table tilts to any angle up to 10° and locks automatically.
Dorsal Positioner: Table sides fold to any angle up to 45° to form a v-position and locks automatically.
Swing Out Arms: The standard table comes with one swing arm with a stainless steel tray. The option to add a second arm is also available. This arm is designed to hold a number of optional accessories.
Complete Drainage: A trough under the center of the table drains the entire table into a removable pan for easy cleaning.
Quick Clean-up: Top quickly wipes clean between patients.
Table Packages
Model No. 50901: Olympic Dental Table with 1 swing arm with 2 sockets for accessories and 1 height adjustable instrument tray.
Model No. 50903: Olympic Dental Table with 2 swing arms (each with 2 sockets for accessories) and 1 height adjustable instrument tray.
Model No. 50905: Olympic Dental Table with 2 swing arms (each with 2 sockets for accessories), 1 height adjustable instrument tray, IV pole, and exam light.
Parts & Accessories
Part No. 51086: Swing arm with 2 sockets for accessories.
Part No. 51087: Height‐adjustable instrument tray.
Part No. 51081: IV Pole.
Part No. 50985: Compressor cart.
Part No. 50986: Special use swing arm for Olympic Dental Table for mounting some brands of large anesthesia units. Please inquire.
Part No. 50987: LED Exam Light with flexible arm.
Part No. 50988: Laptop computer support arm.

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