Olympic Advanced Treatment Station

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This Olympic Advanced Treatment Station is designed for efficiency and ergonomic comfort, whether you are seated or standing. It has a full-range of height adjustments and a non-slip surface. All of your instruments, monitors, and other necessary equipment are readily available to use at all times. Since all the accessories are mounted on the station, it eliminates floor clutter and saves space.

This station is equipped with an equipment shelf, IV pole, anesthesia machine, instrument tray, exam light, laptop tray, scale, and two foot switches. 

The station can easily roll between treatment, x-ray, prep, surgery, recovery, and more. Its steering handles and lightweight design make for easy transportation. By combining patient treatment and transport, it reduces the handling of injured or compromised patients and saves time.

With a full 26" range and a maximum height of 40", the station offers optimal postural seating and patient presentation. The rechargeable electric lift is quiet and smooth.


Warranty: 3 years including parts and labour unless damaged by misuse.
Dimensions: Top surface: 23" x 53", Overall 23" x 58".
Adjustable Height: 14" to 40".
Capacity: 250 Lbs.
Electrical: 120V/60Hz, Battery operated, plugs into 120 VAC for charging. Nominal current drawn is max. 400 mA. Power consumption (stand-by) max. 2.5 W. Power consumption (charging) max. 19 W.
Electric Lift: Precise positioning with a capacity of 250 lbs.
Casters: Large 5", full swivel, locking.
Tie-down Cleats: Under both sides of table.
Net weight: Without accessories, 95 pounds.
Table Packages
Model No. 51601: Olympic Advanced Treatment Station™, complete with Scale, IV Pole, Instrument Tray, Exam Light, Equipment Shelf, Laptop Support Arm. (Power Strip feature not available in Canada).
Model No. 51602: Olympic Advanced Treatment Station™ with Scale. Includes Standard Corian Top, Instrument Tray, and IV Pole. (Power Strip feature not available in Canada).
Model No. 51603: Olympic Advanced Treatment Station™ without Scale. Includes Standard Corian Top. (Power Strip feature not available in Canada).
Parts & Accessories
Part No. 51616: Additional Charge for Custom Color Corian for Advanced Treatment Station™. Please inquire.
Part No. 51611: IV Pole for Olympic Treatment Station™.
Part No. 51612: Instrument Tray for Olympic Treatment Station™.
Part No. 51613: Equipment Shelf for Olympic Treatment Station™.
Part No. 51614: LED Exam Light with Flexible Arm for Olympic Treatment Station™.
Part No. 51615: LED Exam Light with flexible arm.

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