Olympic Advanced Surgical Table

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The Olympic Advanced Surgical Table puts everything you need at your fingertips. With this table your instruments and equipment can be perfectly positioned right where you need them. With the option of up to 4 floating swing arms that can support up to 60 lbs of equipment and supplies, you can reconfigure the table in seconds to meet your changing procedural needs.   

With it's ergonomic design, the Olympic Advanced Surgical Table reduced fatigue and prevents repetitive stress injuries. This table offers twice the height range of most competitors tables (26" -  49"), and an adjustable arm rest, providing comfort to almost any user.
From top to bottom, the Advanced Surgical Table has been designed to help you achieve the highest level of sterility. The table consists of protective covers over the foot switches, a unique fill-visibility fluid channel that does not require taking any parts to the sink, and a swing arm system that eliminates extra stands and casters.

Olympic’s Thermo-Safe™ table-top warming system provides controlled warming and a clear visual display for optimal patient comfort and thermo-regulation. Unlike other warmers that rely on a single thermostat, the Olympic warmer continuously monitors 6 thermostats on the patient surface to help assure a patient’s safety and comfort at all times.

With height (26" - 49"), tilt ( 30 degrees), and v-positioner (folds up tp 45 degrees and automatically locks) adjustments, patients can be quickly and easily positioned during procedures. Large paddles that are easily located under drapes help avoid breaking the sterile field.

The base model includes the Thermo-Safe™ warming system, and sockets for future addition of swing arms and accessories. The complete model includes the Thermo-Safe™ warming system 4 swing arm sets, 2 laptop/monitor trays, IV pole, instrument tray, back table, and arm rest. All of the accessories included in the complete model and more are available individually, and are listed the parts and accessories section below.

Warranty: 3 years including parts and labour unless damaged by misuse.
Dimensions: Top surface: 22" x 57". Overall: 57” x 24”.
Electrical: Plugs into 120V AC. Max. current draw of 3.5 Amps.
Adustable Height: 26" to 49".
Capacity: 250 Lbs.
On Board Power Strip: Centralizes power needs in one place so there are fewer cords to work around. Cleaner. Safer. 120V/60Hz, 3.5 Amps.
Electric Lift: Precise positioning with a capacity of 250 lbs.
Rock-Solid Operatory Surface: The heavy-duty construction eliminates all bounce and wobble, whether you are working on the side or end of the table.
Integrated Back Table: Eliminates extra equipment that is hard to clean. Height and forward position adjust automatically.
Fully Customizable In Seconds: Add Olympic accessories or add your favorite anesthesia unit, monitor or other ancillary equipment or supplies.
Thermo-Safe™: Patient Warming System – Table-top warming system assures a patient’s comfort and safety at all times. Maximum temperature 95 degrees.
Swing Out Arms:Articulated. Support 60 pounds each. Change left/right without tools.
Pivoting Arm Rest: For added comfort and stabilization during delicate procedures. Slide along track for easy adjustment.
Hospital Grade 5" Locking Casters: For easy movement between procedures. Rock solid stability with casters locked.
Quick Clean-up: All surfaces are clearly visible and easy to reach. Foot switches are shielded from splatter with protective covers. No more caster stands clustered around the table.
Table Packages
Model No. 51801: Olympic Advanced Surgical Table Complete - Includes 4 swing arm sets, 2 laptop/monitor trays, IV pole, instrument tray, back table and arm rest, and Thermo-Safe™ warming system.
Model No. 51802: Olympic Advanced Surgical Table Base - Includes Thermo-Safe™ warming system and sockets for future addition of swing arms and accessories.
Parts & Accessories
Part No. 51880: Adjustable Back Table.
Part No. 51881: Pivoting Arm Rests.
Part No. 51882: Limb Holder.
Part No. 51883: Angle Frame.
Part No. 51086: Swing Arm w/ 2 Socket.
Part No. 50995: 6" Extension Arm.
Part No. 50996: 12" Socket Doubler.
Part No. 51081: IV Pole.
Part No. 50988: Laptop/Monitor Tray.
Part No. 51787: Height-Adjustable Instrument Tray.

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