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The iM3 CR7 VET provides unsurpassed high-resolution dental images, fast processing time, user friendly software and a large range of reusable flexible plate sizes for dental and small animal extremity applications. Achieve a full mouth series in a medium to large size dog with just 6 X-ray’s.

The iM3 CR7 Vet system includes:
  • CR7 Vet image plate scanner and Vet-Exam software
  • 10 Network licenses and PACS functionality
  • Size 2 (4 pck) and size 4 (1 pck) high resolution reusable imaging plates
  • 300 size 2 and 100 size 4 disposable barrier sleeves
  • Protective dust cover
  • 2 year warranty with ongoing iM3 Technical Support

    What sets the iM3 CR7 Vet apart from other CR systems?
  • Superior high resolution images via Vet-Exam software
  • Full DICOM compliance ensures easy export of data
  • Incredibly compact size (23cm x 24cm x 24cm), weighing only 6 kg
  • Unique closed system protects unit and radiographs from dust, hair and particles that can reduce image quality.
  • Unlike competing CR units, plates are not removed from the protective sleeves before being run through the system. This feature protects the plates from light exposure (increasing image quality), contamination and damage. 
  • Plate feeder easily removed for cleaning
  • Plate feeder accepts all image plate sizes without the need to change loading cradles

  • Available Plate Sizes
    Plate No. 0, Dimensions 2 cm x 3 cm, Order Code IM-X7100 (QTY - 2pc.)
    Plate No. 1, Dimensions 2 cm x 4 cm, Order Code IM-X7110 (QTY - 2pc.)
    Plate No. 2, Dimensions 3 cm x 4 cm, Order Code IM-X7120 (QTY - 4pc.)
    Plate No. 3, Dimensions 2.7 cm x 5.4 cm, Order Code IM-X7130 (QTY - 2pc.)
    Plate No. 4, Dimensions 5.7 cm x 7.5 cm, Order Code IM-X7140 (QTY - 1pc.)
    Plate No. 5, Dimensions 5.7 cm x 9.4 cm, Order Code IM-X7150 (QTY - 1pc.)
    Plate No. R3, Special Dimensions 5.4 cm x 2.2 cm, Order Code IM-X7170 (QTY - 2pc) 

    Vet-Exam Plus is an extremely intuitive veterinary specific software perfectly tailored to work seamlessly with the iM3 CR7 Vet imaging system. This "made for each-other" relationship provides the highest quality high resolution images to the veterinary practices across the world.

    Vet-Exam Plus offers both PACS functionality and a PACS alternative. It's high-performance database saves all your image data centrally, allowing the information to be viewed at any work station within the practice.

    Integrating with your practice management software is a simple process (requires additional licences, see Networking Options tab above) that greatly improves a practice's productivity and customer satisfaction.

    Integration: Easily integrated with common practice management software.
    Export: Export images into different formats and send them via email and more.
    PACS Functionality: Integrated PACS functionality saves the users from needing an external PACS solution.
    Multi-Species: Dental charts of all common animals from rabbits to iguanas are available when creating a patient.
    Reports: Generate comprehensive treatment reports that are customized with your practice logo and information.
    DICOM Send: DICOM Send is optional (requires additional licences, see Networking Options tab above) for those who are linking with other programs.
    DICOM Worklist: DICOM Worklist is optional (requires additional licences, see Networking Options tab above). With this, communication with external programs is guaranteed any time.

    The development of the operating systems is constantly being adapted to the steadily growing demands of the users. Today Windows 10 offer professional operating systems with sufficient multimedia functions. For reasons of system stability and data security, we recommend one of these operating systems. If further systems are connected to the PC, the minimum system requirements may change. Observe the system requirements of all the interfaced systems. Depending on the software used, higher demands may have to be made on the computer system.

    System Requirements
    CPU: 1.4 GHz or Higher, Intel Core i5 5th gen or better.
    Ram: Minimum 8GB, Recommended 12 GB or greater.
    Operating System: Single Workstation System / multi-workstation system (network min. 100 MB via switch): Windows 10 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 7, 32 bit & 64 bit, Microsoft Windows Vista, 32 bit & 64 bit, Service Pack 2 (from Home Premium).
    Hard Drive: Workstation (without database) > 50 GB (preferably a SSD not HDD) Database hard disk (preferably a SSD not HDD).
    **NOTE** The Memory requirements should be oriented to the number of images.
    Data Backup: Recommended for the daily data backup: Streamer (DAT, DITTO, TRAVAN, ADR (OnStream).
    **NOTE** The database must be backed up with the daily data backup.
    Appliance-specific system requirements
    Mainboard (no SIS and ALI chip Set): Intel chip set / Via chip set Nvidia chip set / AMD chip set.
    Interface: USB 2.0 interface, Ethernet 100 MB.
    Graphics board: Direct X 9.0c with Direct Draw 9.0 enhancement or higher, Resolution min 1280 x 1024, Depth of color 32 bit, 16.7 million colors or higher, Memory > 128 MB.
    Maximum Total Cable Length: Network Cat5: 100 meters or 328 ft., in addition 3x USB repeater (each max. 3 m) possible.
    USB: 5 meters 16 ft.


    There are a number of options when it comes to the installation of your Vet-Exam Plus software. The option you choose greatly depends on the needs of your practice and the practice's current IT set-up. Below are the available installation options. Please advise your Serona sales representative as to which option best suites your practice so they can coordinate your installation accordingly.

    Single Computer Install (Included):
    This includes the installation of Vet-Exam Plus software and database on one computer. No networking is involved and one of the ten included network licenses is used.

    Multi-Computer Network Install (Included - PACS functionality with up to 10 network licenses):
    This type of installation requires the practice to have a central server to house the database and software. The software is then installed on multiple work stations (each of which uses one of the included ten network licenses) which are then networked to the central networked database.

    Practice Management Software Integration Install (Not Included - DICOM Send and DICOM Worklist Functionality):
    This type of installation requires the practice to have a central server to house the database and software, along with a compatible practice management software that is also connected to the central server. Additional licenses are required (DICOM Send and DICOM Worklist) which are available for purchase directly through iM3.

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