BIO-RAY HR Intraoral Digital X-Ray Sensor

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BIO-RAY HR Intraoral Digital X-Ray Includes:
  • Bio-Ray HR water resistant sensor
  • Direct USB connection (no USB connection box)
  • Metron Software with 1 acquisition license & 2 viewing stations
  • Metron Installation & Training
  • 2 year warranty
  • Full DICOM Compliance

New "Bio-Ray HR" intraoral sensor with perfect (20 lp/mm) high resolution images. Sigma Digital X-Ray presents the best of CMOS technology offering the Bio-Ray HR: an innovative sensor to obtain a better diagnosis with high quality images, saving both valuable time and space.

The Bio-Ray HR is available in two sizes:
  • Size 1 with a sensitive (active) area of 30 x 20 mm (ideal for children and tight areas).
  • Size 2, with a sensitive (active) area of 33 x 25 mm: a larger surface area for standard examinations.

The Metron software itself is comprehensive, user friendly and networkable. Features such as the ability to stitch images together seamlessly help make the Bio-Ray and Metron software combination really stand out from the competition. The Bio-Ray sensor is covered by a 2 year warranty. The first year of Metron Software Support Services is also included. This encompasses the initial installation, all software upgrades, unlimited technical support and training services as well as a regular e-newsletter offering tips and advice to get the most out of the software.

Active Area30 x 20 mm (size 1), 33 x 25 mm (size 2)
Pixel Size20 x 20 µm
Number of Pixels1500 x 1000 (size 1), 1650 x 1250 (size 2)
Spatial Resolution

20 Ip/mm

Dynamic Range

58 dB

Scintillator Type


Connection to PC

USB 2 (A type) cable 2 ft.

Supply Voltage

5 V DC

Maximum Absorbed Current

275 mA

Frame Rate

0.7 fps

Dark Current Typical 23° C

350 LSB/s

Saturation Dose (70 kV)

350 µGY


15 LSM/µGY

X-Ray Response Non Uniformity

± 30%

Degree of Protection

Equivalent to IP67


0 to 35° C

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